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We are one of the worldwide reputed back support belts providers, we do not sell defective or cheap low-quality lower back support belts. All our products are selected by specialists or doctors. They are used to relieve your back pain, correct your posture, heal your disease and protect your lower back under certain situations, such as in working, gym and lifting.

Lowerbackbelt packs everything great about back support belts into more affordable products that enable healthier lifestyles.

All our products come with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day full money-back satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied, you may return your product for a full refund.

We are recognized throughout the industry for our effective products, customer satisfaction, and knowledgeable representatives. Our premium back support belts come with quick start guides to make sure you “do it right” and get the best results. All products are in stock.

Pain Relief Decompressing Back Support Traction belt

Top 1 Best Seller

Pain Relief Decompression Back Support Traction Belt


  • 【Decompression Back Belt】: The intervertebral disc traction belt, combined with clinical traction, allows you to better lumbar traction.
  • 【Decrease the Pressure of Lumbar】: Through traction, reduce the burden around the ligament, bring good rest for the damaged lumbar fibrous ring. Great for people who suffer from lumbar back pain, sciatica nerve pain, arthritis, soft tissue damage.
  • 【Pain Relief】: Stretch & relieve tight lower back muscles and Relieve lower back pain & stiffness.
  • 【Enjoy Anytime and Anywhere】: It can be used during activities, or while resting and relaxing, such as walking, sitting, lying down, gardening, golfing, working, driving, and more.
  • 【Fit Most ages and waist】: Most ages people get long-lasting back pain relief with the physio belt, and the belt is suitable for 29-49 inch waist, easy to carry, you can relieve your Back pain, correct your posture, give your spine traction and lumbar a support anytime, anywhere.

Top 2 Best Seller

Medical Back Support Belt Tourmaline Magnet Self-heating

  • 【Double Compression Belt Design】: Five steel plate support bars and double pull tension straps fit the lumbar spine curve and disperse the pressure of the lumbar spine to achieve effective waist protection, relieving pain caused by disc herniation, sciatica, scoliosis, and other spine problems.
  • 【Removable Lumbar Pads】: An ergonomically designed lumbar pad supplies additional pressure and support to the lower lumbar region, providing targeted relief from back pain. The cushioned lumbar pad is also replaceable for different needs. 
  • 【Protection From Injury】:  The medical back belt permits a full range of motion without binding or pinching anywhere and keeps you away from reinjury, can be worn over or hidden underneath clothing at any time.
  • 【Breathable Mesh Fabric】: The belt is lightweight and durable. Naturally, moisture-wicking, no bloated in winter, not stuffy in summer.
  • 【Good Quality With A Lower Price】: We source directly from the manufacturer in order to relieve your back pain with a low price but high quality. 
best medical back support belt
ems tens dual pulse back support belt

Top 3 Best Seller

Men Lower Back Support Belt Lumbar Waist Pain Relief 

  • 【Forget About Back Pain】: Understanding the devastating effects of lower back pain conditions like herniated disc, sciatica, sore muscles, at Lowerbackbelt we specifically crafted this back support belt for men.
  • 【Correct Your Wrong Posture】: Specially designed with a pulley system to keep your posture in a healthy position, you are all set to keep your body in the best position when lifting, driving, walking, running, and basically doing any activity.
  • 【Adjustable Comfort】: Lightweight & breathable. We refined it with adjustable straps and a specialized pulley system. Its sophisticated design makes them great for both men in the gym.
  • 【 High-Quality Back Belt 】: Our low back support belt is made of super breathable material and strong resistant velcro for ultimate durability and designed for your most active days.
  • 【Order With Confidence】: 1-year guarantee so you can purchase with confidence.

Customer Review

This has helped tremendously!

My husband has had major back problems for years. His life consists of slipped discs, sciatica, cortisone shots, surgeries, pills, arthritis, and of course pain. He has worn this belt for 3 days now and you would not believe the difference, even on the day working close to 10 hours! He is no longer hunched over; he is feeling pretty good.

Glad I Picked Your Store!

I’ve been suffering backache issues for some time; and although off and on, it’s been more frequent as I’ve gotten older. With that in mind, I went looking on the Internet for a back support belt. I am really glad I choose your store!!! The inflatable belt works great and feels wonderful.

Overall A Very Good Support Belt!

This is one of the good back support belts I’ve bought. The sizing chart worked as expected. I find the belt well built and sturdy. It provides support while also being very comfortable to wear. It is easy to adjust. It works as expected. I have worn it over my shirt and also against bare skin. Both were comfortable for me.

Good product, Fast delivery!

The lower back belt works as advertised. It is quite adjustable, and supportive without being excessively restrictive. I have hiked, lifted weights, and sprinted with this back support belt. Plus, the back belt arrived at my home within a short time, only 12 days after my purchase.

All Good For Me, Highly Recommend!

They send me the back belt 2 times because of my fault to choose the wrong size. Thank you!!! Put it on, inflated, added some heat. The severe back pain that slowed me down to a crawl subsided and was soon nearly all gone. I could rejoin the world, be active, do my things. Money well spent!

Smooth Transaction, Perfect Product!

As described. This belt is the best thing ever- I have been in back pain for the last 4 weeks and the only thing that stopped some of the pain and made life bearable was this back support belt- if you have spinal disc problems for God sake spend the money on this belt- you will be thanking me for a long time.