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Introduction Of Back Support Belts


Back support belts also called “back supports”, “lumbar support belts”, “weightlifting belts”, or “abdominal belts” were originally used in medical rehabilitation therapy. The back brace belt is a non-surgical way to improve your back’s health.

A back support belt is a device used, in theory, to reduce the forces on the spine, increase intra-abdominal pressure, stiffen the spine and reduce loads during lifting. By limiting your movement, the lower back support belt reduces back pain.

The back support belt usually fits around a patient’s waist and is fastened with Velcro. Additional stability is achieved by the supportive steel/plastic springs or a plate that conforms to the patient’s back.

Lumbar support back belts provide enough compression and support for the lower back to help in the recovery process against such ailments as chronic back pain, muscle strains, lumbar orthosis, osteoarthritis/arthritis, sciatica, spinal stenosis, scoliosis, and hernias.

Check the following selection of lower back support belts for pain relief and posture correction. They are the decompression back belts, tourmaline magnetic back belt, spine lumbar support back belt, working back support belt, exercise lower back belt, women waist trainer back belt, heating back massage belt, and electric airbag traction back belt.

Each of them is our top pick from the worldwide market, with high quality and reasonable price! All of them can relieve your back pain immediately via their diverse features and make you a healthy back & waist.

The Best Collection Of Back Support Belt

FAQ Of Buying and Wearing A Back Support Belt

Q: What are other uses for back support belts?

A: Beyond managing subacute pain episodes, back braces can also help with:

  • Certain conditions, like scoliosis
  • Healing after back surgeries
  • Back pain after pregnancy
  • Ensuring proper posture at work or while weight-lifting

If you need a back brace after surgery, you should be working closely with your doctor. Post-op braces are typically prescribed by your doctor. They’ll tell you exactly which one you need. These are custom devices that can be significantly more expensive than the ones shown above (but invaluable when it comes to healing!).

Q: How to choose the correct back support belt? 

A: It is better to use a regular back belt in case you need an adequate amount of pressure and compression to ensure the safety and protection of your lower back. Besides, it will also be helpful if you use it even in a sitting position during your office jobs. It helps to relieve the pains and sprains related to the back and the spinal column due to any kind of regular or sports activities. Besides, it will be really beneficial to reduce fatigue after an intense training or fitness regime.

But, in case you need some extra pressure on your lower back region, it is better to go for the back braces that come with adjustable or removable lumbar pads. Those belts will be beneficial in extreme pains and fatigue and are also much more comfortable to use. Besides, the lumbar pad will ensure an added compression on the back to quicken the recovery process.

Aged citizens also need to use back belts as it provides proper support and protection to prevent any kind of bone or muscle injury during any lifting movement. Moreover, it will also protect the spinal column which further ensures a quality lifestyle, even at 70 years of age. But, if you really need back braces for any serious medical issues, it is better to consult the doctor first, and then opt for the back braces that are approved by the FDA.

Q: What sizes do the back support belt come in?

A: Some back belts in offer a one size fits all while others are offered in 2 to 4 different sizes. Leave us a message about your waistline, so we will send you the right size back support belt. No worry.

Q: Is it safe to wear a back support belt?

A: Yes, back belts are tested and safe for use. You should, however, consult a doctor before you start wearing one. Medical guidance is necessary, as your doctor can tell you how often you should wear one. Lower Back belts shouldn’t be worn all the time because they can cause skin irritation and dependency on additional support.

Q: How to properly use your back support belts?

A: Don’t overuse. Belts are meant to add extra support when doing strenuous activities, and should not generally be worn all day. Speak with your doctor before wearing a brace for long periods of time, as this could encourage muscles to weaken over time.

Get the correct size. To make sure you’re getting the support you need, measure accurately and make sure you purchase the correct size. Have someone help measure you if needed, to avoid twisting, sucking in your stomach, or otherwise distorting your measurements.

Wear it properly. The belt should sit at or below your belly button, and should not be too tight or too loose. This will maximize your support. Make sure your belt sits evenly across your body, not sagging on one side, the front, or the back.

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