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Pain Relief Inflatable Decompression Back Support Belt

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Pain Relief Decompressing Back Support Traction Inflatable Belt With Pump

Decompression lumbar support lower back belt, back & spinal pain relief physical therapy. Air traction brace and inflatable back belt.

Functions of Lower Back Belt

Suitable Symptoms

What is it working for?

  • Prolapsed lumbar intervertebral discs.
  • Abnormal function of small joints of lumbar vertebra.
  • Hyperplasia of lumbar vertebra.
  • Long time driving or sitting.
  • Scoliosis and spondylolisthesis.
  • Low back pain caused by obesity.
  • Degenerative discs.
FUll User Guide

How to use this back belt?

  1. While standing, place the fully deflated belt around your waist.
  2. Close the metal air valve on the belt by turning it clockwise.
  3. Clip the air pump nozzle onto the metal air valve on the belt.
  4. Pump the foot pump while standing up.
  5. Keep pumping up the belt until it is fully inflated.
  6. When fully inflated, remove the nozzle from the belt and enjoy.
Must-to Buy Reasons

Why to buy this back belt?

  • Decompression belt provides clinical grade traction and decompression therapy.
  • It can stretch and relieve tight lower back muscles and Relieve lower back pain & stiffness.
  • This belt will help lift your upper body and unloading the weight off the lower back and allowing the muscles to relax.
  • The decompression back brace made with soft cotton and PU/TPU.
  • The belt inflates with air and it is very lightweight and portable to be taken.
  • Most ages people get long-lasting back pain relief with the physic belt.
  • It can correct your posture, give your spine traction and lumbar support anytime, anywhere.



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