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Premium Lumbar Support Belt

2021 New Lumbar Support Belt With Healthcare Pulley System.

As well as a Pain Relief Orthopedic Back Traction Spinal Support Belt.

breathable fabric

Breath Free Fabric

The back support belt uses breathable mesh fabric. Comfortable to wear in any season.

curve brace

Natural Curve Brace

This lower back belt is designed according to the physiological spinal curvature.

pulley system

Slide Rail Pulley System

The Metal slide rail pulley system provides customers a more smooth lifting experience.

$108.90 $88.90

New health care back support belt for lower back pain relief!

best lower back support belt

This back support brace features a flexible pulley system to provide customized fit and compression. Depending on the level of compression you desire or what activities you are doing, your back can get more or less support.

PS: The belt is suitable for waistline 29″- 44″, leave us a message about your measurement when you order, we will send you the right size belt.

tensile stretching

High Tensile Stretching

Flexible support and protection to your back & lumbar with a high elastic string.

magic tape

High Quality Magic Tape

Our pain relief back belt is easy to put on and take off because of the use of magic tape.

hot press

Hot Pressing Process

Add more comfort to the lower back support belt surface, increase tensile strength.

back support belt lower back

Features of This Pain Relief Posture Lumbar Support Belt

Powerful and Flexible Support
This 3-level detachable lumbar support belt provides more support to the lower back. It is designed according to the physiological spinal curvature. You can adjust the support strength according to your own needs or even remove it.

Metal Side Rail Pulley System
The metal slide rail pulley system reduces the frictional force between the big backplate and the belt which can provide you a more smooth lifting experience. The slide track can solve the smoothness problem that exists in other products.

Protect Your Waist With Big Plate
A big back support plate increases the support stressing area, makes your spine more comfortable. There’s 2 detachable magic waist support that can provide more support to your waist.

More Functions Of The Lower Back Lumbar Support Belt

Improve Your Wrong Posture
This lumbar belt provides more support to pull your muscles and spine back to original alignment for posture improvement. Keep you away from slouching and hunching look, while gradually create the habit of good posture, improve confidence.

Can Be Worn At Most Places
You can do continuous traction at the home, office, and during leisure activities. It helps to guarantee the health status of the nucleus pulpous and lumbar vertebrae.

Work For Back Injuries and Diseases
The back support belt is not only effective in the treatment, but also in the prevention of lumbar vertebral conditions.

lower back support belt spine

Lumbar Support Belt Reviews

“This was easily the best, the way the straps work to add tension in combination with the metal stays mean this is capable of really supporting the lower back whereas the other one only really put pressure on the sides – and for me, this made a huge difference. It has significantly contributed to the lessening of pain. 


Approved by the customer

“This one provides for a decent amount of adjustments and adequate support, but due to the curvature of the support plate, I would say it would provide more relief for suffers from sciatica and radicular pain, but probably not the best in terms of comfort. Overall, this is a great back belt.”


Approved by the customer

“I do like this back belt. Very pleased with the quality and it is as described. It fits nice and is perfectly adjustable. I’ve worn it all day without any problem. I work with children so I often go home with some lower back pain. But after wearing the support I know it had made a difference because I had no back pain when I got home.”


Approved by the customer

“This support belt is very sturdy and well made. I really like how every part of this belt can be adjusted to a person’s comfort. Although it is very sturdy it does not take away from the comfort of the brace. If a person is looking for a very well-made belt I recommend this one. My wife and I are both impressed.”


Approved by the customer

“This back belt is very strong and feels comfy! It helps with lumbar support, perfect for elderly that may not be able to be very flexible sometimes, they can still fix it to their needs, to perfection, this will also help prevent spine problems too, it has maximum lower back support! I really enjoy this product. Highly recommend.”


Approved by the customer

“Unlike other cheaper back belts, this one actually provides really strong support to help me reduce my constant back pain. Not really in the sense of relaxing myself, it helps reduce my back pain and that’s what I’m looking for. It looks really complicated at first but after trying it out it’s not complicated at all.”


Approved by the customer

“I absolutely love this back support belt! I wear it when I have to be standing for a while, like cooking or doing dishes, and now I don’t have debilitating pain when I’m done with them. I even wear it to work out! I like the comfort and support that it gives along with that it enables me to be able to walk without excruciating pain!.”


Approved by the customer

“This is surely the most comprehensive back support that I have ever had. It’s well designed and very adjustable, with generous amounts of velcro, and straps that are adjustable to accommodate any size of the individual. I’m really happy with it and the store service.”


Approved by the customer

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