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Graphene Far-infrared Heating Back Belt For Pain Relief!


An electric graphene airbag back belt, supports back stretch, air column traction, graphene hot compress, electric inflation, seamless fit, 26° lumbar health protection.

PS: The belt is suitable for waistline 23″- 45″, when you order, leave us a message about your measurement so we can send you the right size belt.

Graphene Far-infrared Hot Compress Back Support Belt

$100.90 $85.90

inflatable electric airbag back support belt
back support belt electric graphene
back support belt smart tempreture control
back support belt high quality fabric

Electric Airbag Traction

Equip with an electric air pump, it can be inflated in 15 seconds and automatically stopped in 30 minutes. The unique plastic airbag is convenient to connect, inflate and deflate quickly. Charge one time, you can use 30 to 50 times.

Removable Graphene Pad

Detachable graphene heating pad design, magnetic buckle connection, does not affect the traction of the belt when putting in and can be easily removed if you don’t need it. The graphene far-infrared lightwave hot compression promotes your waist vitality.

3 Tempreture Settings

The electric back support belt intelligently controls the temperature of your lower back. Green light is 45℃ to 52℃, blue light is 55℃ to 62℃, red light is 65℃ to 72℃. Use the USB interface and power bank to keep working, you can carry it anywhere.

Comfortable Fabrics

23 “H” shape large diameter air column and 26° healthy angle fit tightly around your waist and spine, abandon the traditional fixed support point, use 3D design professionally customized for the human body. The belt uses 5 layers of high-quality TPU, comfortable and worry-free.

Discomfort Lumbar? Buy Our Back Belt To Treat It!

Our specially designed 26° healthy angel back belt fits your lumbar spine perfectly. Its structure is very close to the body curve, which can offer full waist support.

It guards the health of your lumbar and back, reduces lumbar compression, and it’s also breathable and comfortable to wear.

back support belt lumbar spine pain relief
back support belt posture correct

Function List Of The Smart Back Belt

1. Enjoy heating & airbag traction at the same time or separately. Provides immediate & lasting relief for back pain.

2. Far infrared heating helps promotes blood circulation by dilating blood vessels and helps reduce muscle spasms.

3. Provides compression for your lower back, soothing spinal pressure, fix your poor posture.

4. Supports power bank lasts more than 8 hours on a full charge. You can now be mobile and move freely during use.

5. Treatment of lumbar disc herniation, lumbar muscle strain, other diseases, suitable for travel, driving, and sleeping.

More Features

This Air Pump Inflatable Decompression Back Belt is highly recommended. Its additional features are listed here.



The free gift electric air pump inflates and deflates the belt automatically.



Heat up quickly within 1 minute. The belt can be used with/without heat.


The belt uses eco-friendly PU leather, can be washed.



The surface material is made of high-elasticity fiber composite, lightweitght.



The belt can withstand 180°C high tempreture, 1.96bar high pressure.



Press one button to change freely within 3 levels of temperature.

Airbag Traction Lower Back Support Belt

  • This electric heating inflatable airbag traction belt uses breathable fabric, suits all kinds of lumbar discomforts, intelligently controls the temperature.
  • 360° close-fitting surround, fit and hold up the waist, evenly exert force, reduce lumbar compression, and wear with comfort.
  • Use the USB interface to connect to the power bank, you can carry it anytime.

Decompression Graphene Heat Back Belt

  • This heating belt is flexible, with an adjustable strap to fit all sizes. So it can be enjoyed by both men and women of all shapes and sizes.
  • The back belt also relieves pain caused by lumbar muscle strain, lumbar disc herniation, and lactic acid build-up.
back support belt for men women

Our Back Belt Reviews

Check what our customers say about the portable & intelligent lower back support belt and our service.

“Got this heating belt so that I could travel with it around the house, in the car, and at work. Love the automatic inflate feature. It takes a few minutes for it to warm up fully but once it’s warm it works like a charm. Greatly reduces my back pain. I would highly recommend this product!”


“This product was an absolute godsend when struggling with a compressed nerve in my spine. You can also buy a power bank that will fit into the pocket correctly as I do. The heat has different settings and the lumbar support is great. Easy to use and wear. This is what I want. Great product!”


“I am nearly 40. I have several bulging /herniated discs and cracked vertebrae plus I often suffer from sciatica. This device is a huge help in the pain and fatigue department. My wife frequently steals it and uses it for her waist and cold stomach, it is quite versatile. Worth every dollar and more!”


” It has been wonderful on my lower back. The belt is very soft and feels of good quality. Being a larger guy, I was very happy with the extension piece that allows it to fit around me. I have only had it for a short time, so I can not speak to the longevity of it, but so far I have no complaints and would recommend this to others.”


“I have suffered waist for a long time. This support belt is nice. The heat belt temperature can be set very high to meet my need. The waist belt is wide and adjustable. The airbag traction relieves my lumbar pain. I have only used it for a few days, but I am very happy with it so far. Plus, it arrived faster than I expected!”


“I friggin love LOVE this product! It comforts my back and keeps me warm. The “H” air column spreads my lower spine and relieves the pain immediately. I actually forget that I’m wearing it as it is extremely comfortable with an adjustable velcro connection. Overall, I like it very much. “


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