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Tourmaline Magnetic Self-heating Belt For Back Pain Relief

Highlights of the belt for back pain:

1: Its therapeutic magnets are designed to help improve circulation and stimulate the body’s own healing system.

2. A built-in self-heating technology is to provides soothing warmth in the affected area.

3. Buy with confidence as this product comes with a 1 Year Faulty Product Warranty and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

4. The belt is suitable for waistline 27″- 46″, when you order, leave us a message about your measurement so we can send you the right size belt.

best medical back support belt

$48.00 $37.50

Medical Belt For Back Pain With Heating Therapy

The Back Pain Belt can help you with these symptoms:

Our unisex summer medical-grade back support belt can work to prevent injury, relieve pain, and slim & shape your waist.

Lower Back Pain

This back support belt helps you relieve lower back pain, your instant back pain solution.


Do you have Scoliosis? If yes, you need this medical lower back support belt.

Lumbar disease

Lumbar diseases such as Herniated Disc can be relieved by this back pain belt.

Strains and Sprains

The belt for back pain protects your spine and lumbar, stay you away from Sprains.

Upper Back Pain

Our belt is also working if you have an upper back pain problem, your physical therapy.


Your spine pain and sciatica both can be relieved by wearing this back pain belt.

Herniated Disc

This belt for back pain is a medical-grade belt for Herniated discs. Easy to wear!

Wrong posture hurt

Wear our back support belt, it will fix your wrong posture, help you stand and sit correctly in life.

medical lower back support belt lumbar spine

Our Back Pain Belt Fits Both Men and Women in Everyday!

[Ergonomic Belt]: The scientific and ergonomic fixed back belt can fit the waist curvature and form effective vertebrae support.

[Mental Plate]: Auxiliary ABS support plates and metal support plates with reinforced tough springs enable additional stability for double protection to the waist.

[All-season Support]: Equipped with 3 replaceable and detachable pads for multipurpose treatment effects and all-season enjoyment, built-in 9 self-heating.

[360° Protection]: 360 degrees traction and compression design will slim your waist and lift up the breast, also can stretch the spine.

Cheap Back Pain Belt with 9 Self-heating Magnets

This belt with 9pcs bulti-in self-heating magnets offers hot acupuncture therapy to your back & lumbar. You will feel warm after wearing it within 10 minutes. Tourmaline magnet heating technology promotes blood circulation, reducing lumbar and back pain.

back support belt tourmaline magent heating
back support belt mental support bars

Heating Lower Back Support Belt With 3 Mental Support Bars

The lower back support belt provides life-simulation spine support & ergonomic lumbar support with Alloy+Resin plastic support bars. The bars are replaceable with each other. Belt’s fabric is breathable and elastic mesh, with delicate stitching and sewing.

Wearable Belt For Lower Back Pain Relief  With 3 Detachable Pads

There is one breathable mesh pad, one warm velvet pad, and one self-heating therapy pad in the back support belt package. The pads are replaceable and detachable, which suits your needs in all seasons. The self-heating pad with 9 magnets is highly recommended!
medical lower back support belt removable pads
summer back support belt medical use

Worth every penny, well to me anyway!”

Looking through the hundreds of different types and prices of back support belts, I came upon this one. It was a good price and I didn’t want to spend too much for starters if it had no benefit to me or compounded my problem. The first time I tried it was a WOW!

Rally Smith-One of our customers with severe lower back pain.

I could instantly feel the support around my lower spine, it’s brilliant! Well made and nice soft fabric and also not to noticeable under clothing. Worth every penny, well to me anyway.

Worldwide Free Shipping

We support free shipping to any country in the world, normal delivery time is 10 business days.

30-Days Money Back

We support Paypal payment, you can get money back or product exchange if get defective belt.

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Disclaimers: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary / may not be typical.

The information can not replace medical advice and it should not be relied upon as such. Better to consult with your doctor!