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Back Heating Belt Relieves Your Pain Instantly


Heating therapy is one of the back pain relief solutions. The back heating belt relaxes your muscles and provides therapeutic deep tissue massage to help you recover and relieve back pain.

Designed to fit around your waist, fastening in the front to provide supportive compression. Restore your lumbar muscles with the targeted heat the wrap provides, easing soreness and pain.

Get a more healthy back & lumbar by using it for only 20 to 30 minutes per day.

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Removable Pads

Two ergonomically designed lumbar pads precisely placed inside to provide optimal pressure at the desired angles to back muscles for pain relief. One is a spontaneous heating pad, the other is a velvet warmth pad.

Bidirectional tensile

Comes with a multi-layer composite structure. Crafted with breathable mesh & strong velcro, The belt will not limit your mobility, you’ll get convenient back support. The bidirectional tensile make waist support more even.

6 Support Bars

The back belt contains 6 PP strips that offer 360° stronger vertical support to your lower back, relieve waist muscles ache, disc herniation, decrease the pressure on your discs, sciatica, scoliosis, etc when you are wearing the belt.

Comfortable Fabrics

The lower back support belt is made of breathable comfortable fabrics, 3D knitting technology, breath, and comfort when you wear it, you won’t feel any sultry or uncomfortable. The adjustable elastic cross straps ensure a secure customized fit and stable dynamic support.

Have Pain Back? No Worry, Try Back Heating Belt!

It also can be your posture corrector. Assist with a proper posture prevent back injuries, permits full range of movement while providing comfortable support, promote correct alignment of the spine, and support a proper posture when you are standing or sitting a long time, doing housework, working, exercise, etc.

Other highlights: Save effort hand buckle design, adjustable elastic cross straps!

PS: The belt fits waistline 25″- 45″, when you order, leave us a message about your measurement so we can send you the right size belt.

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More Features

This heating back belt is what are you looking for pain relief, giving you much-needed lower back support with comfort. The additional features are listed.



Beneath Clothing Wearable – Suit you tight with soft fabric.



Spontaneous heating pad – keep your lower back warm.


Hand buckle design – easy and simple to wear.



Professionally protect support – providing support to aching backs.



Seamless hot pressing – make the belt more comfortable to wear.



Independent reinforcing band-offer double stretching strength.

Heating Back Belt For Men and Women

  • The flexible knit fabric anatomically conforms to the body, offers comfortable compression, providing additional support, improving blood circulation, and reducing inflammation for faster recovery without restricting essential movement.
  • Adjustable elastic cross straps ensure a secure customized fit, added compression, and stable dynamic support while allowing for a comfortable range of movement.

Back Heating Belt For Lifting and Working

  • This back belt supports you when you are lifting at work or doing heavy lifting when working out.
  • It is comfortably supportive and breathable that you cannot feel burning due to the elastic mesh.
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Pain Relief Heating Belt Reviews

Check what our customers say about the heating lower back support belt and our service.

“Well packaging and fast shipping. This belt came in time. The only thing I would recommend adding is a user guide video for first-time users. Good quality and very cheap comparing the other belts I bought. I’ve been using this for a week and felt comfortable all the time when wearing.”


“It fits perfectly and works well. Comfortable to wear even when pulled tight. Able to see the change in my back support. would recommend. The design of the belt is excellent, I love the fact that it has thick and strong elastic bands and a padded lumbar. Two thumbs up. Thank you, Lowerbeckbelt!”


“I’m going on about six weeks of bad bad lower back pain and this belt is giving me some serious relief. Since I’ve never worn one before, I can only judge it by does it help or not. The answer is absolutely yes! I like the fact that it has 2 removable lumbar pads, the self-heating one is working greatly!”


“I suffer from arthritis in my back. Normal daily tasks like laundry and vacuuming are terribly painful unless I am wearing this belt. It’s so easy to put on and comfortable to wear. I find that wrapping myself tight is all I need to support myself and feel great. PS: You don’t need to wear this all the time.”


“I tried multiple different lumbar support belts and this is by far the best I had at its price. Love the fact that it is a lot wider than others and provides the stability that I’m looking for. I do a lot of traveling overseas, and this is definitely going to help me when I’m sitting or standing a long time.”


“This thing is amazing! It’s lightweight and comfortable. It gives me great support at work. I work in a warehouse and I’m on my feet all day. I have degenerative disc disease and this is the best back support belt at a cheap price I could found. And, believe me, I’ve tried many. I highly recommend it. “


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