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This Female Back Support Belt Works For Pain Relief and Lumbar Protection

It with new heated pressing technology, H-shaped elastic support plate, an extra pressure belt to provide back support, pain relief, and lumbar spine protection.

back support belt feature

Removable Support Straps

Removable 5 steel plate support! The opening design makes support strips can be replaced.

back support belt detachable pads

Three Types Gaskets

One honeycomb breathable gasket, one cashmere warm gasket, and a hot moxibustion gasket.

back support belt feature

Breathable Elastic Fabric

Environment-friendly fabric, replacing traditional PVC, which is soft and odorless.

$49.50 $39.50

Imported German Hot-Pressing Technology One-piece Back Support Belt For Women!

women back support belt lumbar support

The women’s waist trainer lower back support belt has a special design for fitness and medical use. 5 high elastic nylon strips and 5 metal steel plates are optional to wear according to your needs.

PS: Our belt fits waistline 23″- 45″, when you order, leave us a message about your waistline so we can send you the right size belt.

back support belt velcro

Hand Magic Sticker

The anti-thorny magic tape will not hurt your hand when you adjust it, more user-friendly.

lower back support belt for women

Cross Structure Support

The vertical support bars and transverse elastic belt form a cross, 360° protection to the lumbar.

back support belt hook design

Wearable Hook Design

Use the high-quality shot hook, easy to wear, simple to adjust, more humanized for customers.

back support belt for women

This Lower Back Support Belt For Women Has Powerful Functions


1. Relaxes muscle spasms, strain, and pain in fitness.
2. Widely used in sports activities including running, riding, dancing, lifting, and more.
3. Perfect suits for women in gyms, best waist trainer corset workout shapewear yoga wear for ladies.
4. Assists individuals with strenuous jobs requiring heavy lifting or long hours of driving.
5. Helps maintain proper posture. Improper posture places the upper body weight directly on the discs and causes back pain.
6. Provides back support, relieves lumbar pressure, maintains spine posture.
7. Avoids damage to your lumbar spine and offers direct support to the spinal injury and diseased spine.
8. Minimizes muscle stress, protects and supports your back muscles, and promotes your spine alignment.
9. Flattens the flabby tummy. If you feel awkward with your bulging stomach, the best support belt can tighten the muscles in your tummy, providing the best contour to reduce your protruding waist.
10. Strengths core muscles. When you engage your core and abdominal muscles, they will act as internal stabilizers for your lower back and reduce the risk of injury, especially while you try to lift.

Key Features Of The Female Back Support Pain Relief Lumbar Belt

2 Types of Support Bars
This back support belt contains 2 different types of support straps. The five plastic strips are flexible and soft for daily use and wear while the 5 strong metal steel strips are for patients suffering from lower back pain.

Imported High-Quality Fabric
The imported elastic fish ribbon is selected as the material, with good elasticity and is not easy to transform. 3D weaving technology is adopted as well.

One-piece Seamless Design
Imported German hot-pressing technology, one-piece without stitches, no easy to thread off or hemming, comfortable to wear, support longer lifespan to wearers.

Lumbar Support and Protection
Our belt tightens abdominal pressure, stabilizes lumbar vertebrae, maintains spine position, uses elastic arc support, restores the lumbar vertebra 26° physiological curve.

Rich Accessories and H-shaped Belt
The independent pressure belt gives you extra lumbar & back support. Its H-shaped support belt, will not compress the spine, avoiding damage to your lumbar spine.

women back support belt

Review: Back Support Belt For Women

“Love the material it’s smooth and comfortable. I also like the color, some of the back support belts are really ugly, this one does not stand out. They gave me written instructions with pictures on how to put it on, so I wear it correctly and quickly after arrival.”


Approved by the customer

“This is a perfect, lightweight back support. Fits well underneath my sweatshirt & easily adjusts. I wanted a product that would double as a waist trainer and back support, and this is it! Provides enough support and helps cinch you in without being too tight.”


Approved by the customer

“Does what it’s supposed to do, very comfortable. I purchased this support belt because I was dealing with crippling back pain due to standing for long periods of time at work (10-12 hr shifts). I tried it both with and without a shirt underneath and it’s very comfortable.”


Approved by the customer

It’s great that it can be adjusted accordingly. My back pain is slowly reducing, my posture is way better, and it’s comfortable even without an undershirt under it. Love it much and happy that it stays put and does not roll down when I’m doing exercises in a gym.


Approved by the customer

“I purchased this after my pregnancy, after wearing it every day my sore lower back feels way better! I love wearing this waist trainer because of the support it offers to my lower back, it helps with bringing strength to my core, and it does not show over your clothes!”


Approved by the customer

“This was amazing for my lower back pain I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now. It provides so much support without being completely binding. There’s enough stretch to allow for easy movement without being flimsy. And It fits comfortably over or under clothing.”


Approved by the customer

“Helps a lot with back pain and gives pain relief especially when doing a lot of standing and walking. I’m petite and this fits me. This works and is very adjustable for the strength of support you need. It’s also not terribly hot. I am very pleased with this purchase!”


Approved by the customer

“I really like this support belt. It’s comfortable and it has great support. I don’t know if it really helps with my pain for my herniated disks and sciatica, but my back feels worse when I don’t have it on and I’m doing things around the house. I love how adjustable it is too.”


Approved by the customer

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